Overview of Tuesday Practice:

Schenley provides a public 400 meter track, 1000 meter gravel oval, and trailer network out for easy runs or workouts depending what each person is looking for that Tuesday.

People warm up from 6:00 - 6:30pm on the oval and then we meet at 6:30pm to discuss workouts and break off item groups that fit each person best.

We commonly have a shorter speed work out (300-600m repeats) for people training for shorter distance road mile and track races, a mid 5k type work out ( 800 - 1600m reps) and a Marathon training workout ( Tempo , multiple mile reps). Between the men and women groups we will do reps anywhere from 5 - 7 min mile pace and then there is commonly a group for an easy run 7 - 8 min pace. Depending on the time of year and what people are training for they will move from group to group to what fits them best at that time.

Mile Training:


5K Training:

Do all Mixed pieces if doing one workout per week, else do all VO2Max pieces up to 8% of weekly miles, do all Running Economy pieces up to 5% of weekly miles, 5 miles at tempo pace on Tempo workouts, and 12 to 15 miles on Sunday.

Marathon and Half Marathon:

Do half the Mixed pieces if doing one workout per week, else do half the number of VO2Max pieces, replace Running Economy with a 12 to 15 mile easy run, Tempo workout: 6 to 8 miles at tempo pace, 17 to 22 miles on Sunday.

Note: Do Mixed type workout if doing one hard workout per week. Also: max reps are shown, adjust appropriately based on training.

Suggested Workouts

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