Returning to Schenley Tuesday Practice 5/27/2021

We are happy to announce we are returning to our 6:00pm Tuesday Schenley park practice schedule starting this upcoming Tuesday, 6/1/21.

We are conducting all of our practices in accordance with CDC guidelines. More information on the CDC guidelines can be found at this link. We ask that everyone review and follow these guidelines when planning to attend a Hounds practice.

What this means for the Hounds:

  • Our multiple weekday Hounds practices will be dissolved after this week and we will return to having one official practice on Tuesday, 6:00pm at the Schenley Park Oval.

  • There is no requirement to sign up prior to attending the Hounds Tuesday practice

  • We will be hosting different weekend runs over the summer. Information (location, date, time, pace, and distance) will be sent out for this over our email group (information on joining our email group here).

Tuesday Schenley Oval practice layout:

  • Warmup around the oval from 6:00 - 6:30

  • Regroup at the Oval restrooms at 6:30 to discuss workouts and easy run options (discussion of different workout/easy run options is commonly discussed during the warmup period and is brought to the group as a whole at 6:30 so everyone is informed on the run options for that practice)

  • 6:30 on is a breakout into your desired workout or easy run group that evening.

We want to say thank you to everyone who helped host our unique meetups and virtual events over the past 15 months. We were able to keep a sense of the Hounds during a time when it was needed. We are excited to return to our standard practice schedule and hope to see your there!