Pharaoh Hounds Win 2 National Team Titles (8/13)

The Pharaoh Hounds won both the men’s 40+ and 50+ team divisions At 2013 USA Masters 1 Mile Road Championship. USATF hosted the race in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Liberty Mile. The race was held in the evening on Friday August 9. The prize purse exceeded $8000 and attracted world class masters runners from around the country. The Pharaoh Hounds showed they're competitive on a national level. In addition to our two national team championships, James Hommes placed third in the USA age 40 to 44 and 9th fastest master overall. There were 20 masters runners from around the country who broke 5:00. Four of those runners, James Hommes, Eric Shafer, Steven Garand, and Hans Rottmann were from our club. Larry Vandyke and Carl Hubel were instrumental in squeaking out a 2 second team lead over the second place 50+ team, from the Steel City Track Club. In the women’s heat, Jo Rupp was well in the mix with a 15th place overall. Registering for the race turned out to be a much greater challenge than actually running it. Michelle Corkum and Jason Baim worked to certify the Hounds as a USAFT team and to distribute the prize money. The team members spent a significant amount of time and money to navigate the incredibly complicated process of properly signing up on the teams. To his credit, Mark Schwartz, the coach for our competition, helped our team through the sign up process. The race results are as follows:


1st place Pittsburgh Pharaoh Hounds (14:36 total and 4:52 average)

4:48 James Hommes

4:51 Eric Shafer

4:55 Hans Rottmann


1st place Pittsburgh Pharaoh Hounds (15:28 total and 5:10 average)

4:52 Steven Garand

5:07 Larry Vandyke

5:29 Carl Hubel

Individuals (Place/O'All/Name/Time):


3/9 James Hommes 4:48

4/12 Eric Laughlin 4:51

5/13 Eric Shafer 4:51

5/14 Steven Garand 4:52

4/16 Hans Rottmann 4:55

10/24 Larry Vandyke 5:07

8/39 Carl Hubel 5:29


7/15 Jo Rupp 5:49