Lady Hounds Dominate Decker's Creek Again and More Than Ever (6/2015)

On Saturday, June 6th three lady hounds traveled to Morgantown, West Virginia to compete in the 15th Annual Deckers Creek Half Marathon. Laura Harnish, Jamie Morgenstern and Kate Hails dominated the field claiming the top 3 spots, finishing with blazing times of 1:17:56, 1:19:13, and 1:20:50, respectively.

Here are a few photos of the women as well as a few of the men who traveled to help pace the ladies through parts of the race.

Jamie and Laura, ever-consistent training partners, worked together steadily for the first 9 miles of the race. Taking advantage of relatively cool but humid conditions and the gradual downhill, they managed to average almost precisely 6:00 pace through 9 miles. At this point, Jamie made the most of her triage and muscled through to cut 3:18 from her personal bests for both the course and the half marathon. Laura, fresh from a mere 9 miles of tempo work, buckled down and managed to gain over a minute on Jamie in the last 4 miles, cutting over a minute from her personal bests.

Go Hounds!