Photo Gallery

Hounds take 3rd place in the mixed division of the Great Lakes Relay (July 22, 2018)

Back row, L to R: Ivan, Jim, Matt, Steel.

Front row, L to R: Todd, Kate, Laura, Gretchen, Jamie, Shafer.

Hounds at GLR 2018

Harmony after the Pittsburgh Marathon (May 6, 2018)

Tim and Jack are enjoying each other's company.

Hounds Get New Uniforms (September 12, 2017)

Standing, L to R: Dan, Greg, Sean, Colin, Ian, Lars, Natalie, Daniel, Matt, Kaitlin, Ivan, Kate, Sam, Matt, Lexi, Tim, Mike, Kenny, Julia, Jim, Laura, Tim, Allison, Kristie.

Sitting, L to R: Ernest, Steve, Matt, Jeremy, Martina, Lauren, Michelle.

Hounds September 2017

Hounds Bowl to Survive Mild Winter 2016/2017

L to R: Tom, Natalie, Daniel, Lexi, Laura (back), Michelle (front), Julia, Kate, Matt.

Tequila 10k 2016

L to R: Andy, Ivan, Ben, Natalie, Steve (back), Jack (front), Michelle, Kate, Steve, Mark, Jeremy (back), Jamie (front), Eric, Laura, Julia, Daniel.

Hounds Meeting 2015

Steve Garand adopts the Rastafari style, even if for one evening.

Steve Rastarand

Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 Relay Co-Ed Winners (2nd overall relay team)

Left to right: Daniel Lipus, Stephen Abate, Jack Bennett, Michelle Corkum (Lindsay Bingaman missing).

Pgh Marathon Relay 2015

The Inaugural Petite Track Meet, 5k start on July 22, 2014.

Left to right: Tom Danielson, ?, Laura Harnish, Ivan Ruchkin, Tom Stuart, ?,

Tom Edwards, Greg Byrnes, Jim Hommes, Mike Simmons, ?

Petite Track Meet 5k start

Hounds warming up for a workout on July 15, 2014.

Left to right: Steel Flynn, Eric Shafer, Tim Wu, Tom Stuart, Mark Hunkele, and Greg Byrnes.

Hounds on Schenley Oval

Pittsburgh Marathon Relay 2013 Finish

Co-ed team: Alex Hallenbeck, Stephanie Bonk, Peter Moe, Steve Garand, Ivan Ruchkin (on photo).

Athletic Trainer River Run, March 10, 2013

Left to right: Laura Harnish, Jeremy Brown, Michelle Corkum,

Andrew Althouse, Stephanie Bonk, Steve Garand, Eric Shafer.

YMCA Turkey Trot 2011

Marco Dozzi, Brandon Gillingham, Tom Slosky.

Great Race 2011 - right after the finish

Left to right: Jim Hommes, Dan Holland, Steve Garand, Tim Wu, Tim Souders, Hans Rottman,

Mark Hunkele, Tom Stuart, Greg Byrnes, Brandon Gillingham, Steve Strelick, Greg Barnhisel.

Race for Cure 2011

Steve Strelick, Brandon Gillingham, Marco Dozzi, and Michelle Corkum.

Pittsburgh Marathon 2010 around mile 3

Left to right: Jim Hommes, Rich Crowley, Charlie Ban, Brandon Gillingham.

Fuel and Fuddle in 2009

Left to right, top to bottom: Greg Byrnes, Michelle Corkum, Jason Baim,

Jim Hommes, Brandon Gillingham, Dan Holland, Rich Crowley, Joe DeMatteis,

Leslie McIntire, Matt Meurer, Tim Wu, Eric Shafer, Steve Garand, Ryan Erdely,

Caitlin Palko, Tara Fagan, [? ... ?], Hans Rottman, David Hackworth.

Just a Short Run 2008

Left to right: Hans Rottman, Leslie McIntire, Ryan Erdely, Brandon Gillingham.

The Original Hounds

This picture was taken around 1995.

Standing L to R: Jerry Corcoran, Ron Weathers, Eric Shafer, Kevin Gatons, Eric Wilkins, David Keen, David Hackworth, Ryan Erdely.

Kneeling L to R: Niall Moyna (coach), Mike Lynn, Yury Smirnov, John Flaherty, Jason Bodnar.

East Allegheny 5k

This picture was taken in 1994.

Left to right: Ron Weathers (bib 380), Eric Wilkins (in glasses), Dan Holland (bib 6), and Paul Zimmerman (bib 1).

Hounds  at East Allegheny 5k